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The Goode and Ma Mi’sa

Posted By on June 25, 2015 in Clients, music video | 0 comments

Over the past weekend Ma Mi’Sa Models Jona, Destinee, and Cupid were chosen to be models in the music video Braggin by Ohio artist Good and Shak Diesel. The new song and video should be hitting sound-cloud and YouTube pretty soon so make sure to look out for it!! The models of Ma Mi’Sa put in a lot of time and energy and gave this video the flare it needed. I don’t want to give too much information away about the video but the ladies definitely showed sexy and classy all wrapped up in one! They gave the camera man body, facial expressions, attitude, and a mean cat walk! The vibe on set was very welcoming, professional and yet fun. The models even put in overtime hours to make sure that the up incoming music video was done right and that the client was satisfied! Our models at Ma Mi’Sa aim to please and are dedicated to putting out excellent work that not only represent the company well but represent them as individual models.

Our model Jona gave an astonishing performance on set seeing that it was her first music video that she ever was booked for! She gives off a very high fashion look that most artist are not really interested in but after you see this video you will want to hire her for every project imaginable! She definitely proved that she can be versatile a model. ┬áHer shy yet sexy expressions gave an innocent and girl flirt to the video. Oh and must we mention the every so high fashion cat walk that she gave in one of the scene. Trust me don’t sleep on her!

Cupid on the other hand was a fire ball! Maybe it was those red dreads she was rocking or maybe it was that sexy lean body she showed off! Whatever it was Cupid knows exactly what to do when the camera hits her! She is an absolute natural and fun on set. Her willingness to please and lack of fear makes her an unstoppable model and a must have on your next big project! After you see this music video you will see exactly what I am talking about

Ma Mi’Sa Model Destinee always pushes the envelope on any project that she is hired on. She has a lot of experience when it comes to music videos and is not shy at all! She exhibits sexy and nothing less. Her physic, undeniable beauty, and bubble personality makes her a must have on any project that you may have. In this upcoming music video there you will see a scene with Destinee getting dressed on camera in a very sexy way! Trust me all eyes will be on Destinee


Again this music video is a must see! Yes the music is good and yes the artists are great but, Ma Mi’Sa made the video incredibly sexy, fun, alluring and exciting! Keep your eyes open for the up in coming music video Braggin so you can see exactly what I am talking about. I’ll be first to give you the link. And if you ever need models think Ma Mi’Sa for all your upcoming projects! We offer professional, trained, talented and international models! Head over to our roster and take a look or call 614-622-1148 to book!

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