MisaLogoWe understand that the world we live in now does not provide a lot of guidance, when it comes to the art world. Ma Mi’Sa helps unique individuals become well educated on how to walk on any runway, how to carry themselves, and how to speak eloquently when interviewed by anyone. We strive to not be any ordinary modeling company. We are in a new era, and want to bring art and beauty to the fashion world.  Ma Mi’Sa models are able to model for any genres, and bring light to any runway, poster, advertisement, or commercial. We are a company that values morals, and strives for every woman to have dignity about herself.

We represent beauty, and happiness, as well as respect; Mi’Sa means “beautiful happiness”. The girls in our agency are strong, and very brilliant. They make this agency proud by representing themselves and our agency with poise and love of life. We stand for beautiful happiness for all women, regardless their race or their looks. Ma comes from “Madame” which title given to a French woman when they are spoken to. We want women who look at Ma’Misa to understand their title within this world, and break all boundaries to be someone strong and leave an amazing imprint on this world.

Ma Mi’Sa Mission Statement

In a world full of art and appreciation for inner and outer beauty, it is important to depend on a company which brings professionalism, warmth, and uniqueness to establishments. All these characteristic are aligned in Ma Mi’sa. Our aim as a modeling agency; is mentor to those who are looking to model, to uplift driven independent women, and to deliver taste, style, and class. The models at Ma Mi’sa model at various events, and are committed to emulating and delivering the true definition of beauty, as well as network with various event coordinators and promoters, while promoting love of self and of fashion. Witness show stoppers and breathe takers who bring excitement and life to any event.

About The Founder

AsiaBizShotWhen she was still in high school, she wanted to model but she did not gain the resources, or the support, until she was 18 years old (when she moved out of my parent’s house and became more independent).  She started going to places and asked to be given the chance to model, but they wanted money from her in order to do so. She was in college at the time, and finances were tight; but she started to look into starting a modeling support group for other individuals who were struggling with the same problems she ran into.

She always remembered Tyra Banks and Oprah stating on their shows that if it was a respectable agency that they wouldn’t ask for any money but rather invest in their models. Mi’Sa began to realize that this modeling support group was in high demand for ladies like her that needed a way to break into the modeling industry. She decided to not join any other agencies and started independently modeling for herself.

After the many ups and down, she built relationships with other models and with other important people in the industry who looked to her for mentorship. She then began a modeling support group called Ma Mi’sa at the age of 19. The models in this support group encouraged each other and inspired one another to continue on with their goals. They became a sisterhood and started networking with each other and other people in the industry.

After taking a small break from Ma Mi’sa she decided to revamp the company and turn it into an agency. By giving our models all the opportunity, guidance, and marketing skills to make each model that joins the company a success! We as a company are very focused on being successful, as well as being a major respected agency in the Midwest!

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